About The Pissy Bishop

The Rant and Pissy Raves Of A Bishop

I always try to have an optimistic mindset towards life, that’s the “bishop” side of me. But damn! There are some stupid things in this world that, when I think about them, is just stupid and it pisses me off!

So, I created this little blog of mine to rant and rave about what pisses me off. It’s my own personal “What I Really Think” blog. Hey I need to vent somewhere.

I am an quiet person with an introverted personality. So, I am very observational and always in my head, thinking about anything and everything. And you know what, there are things that are just irritating and really pisses me off!

Come here to see if you agree with the stupid things people do. Yes, that’s right people. The world isn’t stupid, it’s the people that do stupid things, things that pisses me off sometimes. Join the conversation as I vent of what is meant only to say on here. It may be politically incorrect and/or improper to say, but hey, the bishop in me needs to let off a little steam!

– The Pissy Bishop