People Hate On What They Don’t Understand

Since we are on the topic of criticism from the last post, another thing that pisses me off is that people hate on things that they don’t understand. It’s a similar pet peeve to my last post but I’ll reveal the difference.

I wanted to vent on this because just recently a plumber in Hawaii was doing a plumbing jobĀ in my home an we were talking small talk. I forgot how we got to the subject but he started bitching and moaning about rich people being greedy – like his boss. He ranted about how he worked so hard and yet can’t catch a break while the rich people sit back and take from the poor or working class, referring to himself. Basically he was hating on people who are rich.

Now, I’m all for ranting and raving, obviously, about things. Continue reading “People Hate On What They Don’t Understand”

Please Don’t Criticize What You Don’t Understand

It’s funny, yet sometimes it pisses me off when people criticize other people. It’s ironic actually.

The saying, “Don’t point your finger and criticize, because you have three fingers pointing right back at you”, comes to mind. And it’s true in many levels. That saying can be dissected in many ways to criticize the person who’s criticizing.

The Reflection

Here’s a neat thing to do. The next time you hear someone criticizing someone else and you know them pretty well, pretend that they are in front of a mirror talking to themselves. More times than not the conversation can be made to make sense as if they were criticizing themselves. Or Continue reading “Please Don’t Criticize What You Don’t Understand”