People Hate On What They Don’t Understand

Since we are on the topic of criticism from the last post, another thing that pisses me off is that people hate on things that they don’t understand. It’s a similar pet peeve to my last post but I’ll reveal the difference.

I wanted to vent on this because just recently a plumber in Hawaii was doing a plumbing job in my home an we were talking small talk. I forgot how we got to the subject but he started bitching and moaning about rich people being greedy – like his boss. He ranted about how he worked so hard and yet can’t catch a break while the rich people sit back and take from the poor or working class, referring to himself. Basically he was hating on people who are rich.

Now, I’m all for ranting and raving, obviously, about things. But again, don’t criticize what you don’t understand. This guy was purely ignorant. But it goes to show you that people hate on what they don’t understand.

People fail think about things thoroughly before they make judgements or conclusions. They just take the information of what they see or hear from others and judge, usually leading to hate. Haters fail to do their due diligence about the certain subject or shift their paradigm to try to understand and see the different perspectives of things.

This is why I understand the plumber, where he is coming from, and why he is such a hater. It’s because I understand that people hate on what they don’t understand.

So, from our talk, I didn’t hate on him. I took the time to hear him out. I understood that he didn’t understand, so I just sympathized with him. What he thinks about is his reality, not mine. He thinks that rich people are greedy, but if you really think about it, he’s greedy.

Most of the rich and wealthy people that I know are not greedy, they’re generous. They give. They invest, they spend their time building businesses and creating jobs for other people – like his boss. They pay (give) people money in exchange for their labor and time. That doesn’t seem greedy to me.

But on the other hand, this particular plumber works to take. He probably never gives to others, invest in other people or companies, invest in real estate to rent out to people who can’t purchase their own home, or even spend time thinking about things before drawing conclusions and hating on rich people. He probably spends his money on materialistic items for his own enjoyment, never saving or investing it. He takes, but rarely gives.

If you hate something, understand that maybe you don’t know much about the situations. try to understand before you just hate on something.

This is an oversimplification on the subject. But my point is don’t be a hater. You’ll just attract more hate…from me.

The Pissy Bishop

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