Please Don’t Criticize What You Don’t Understand

It’s funny, yet sometimes it pisses me off when people criticize other people. It’s ironic actually.

The saying, “Don’t point your finger and criticize, because you have three fingers pointing right back at you”, comes to mind. And it’s true in many levels. That saying can be dissected in many ways to criticize the person who’s criticizing.

The Reflection

Here’s a neat thing to do. The next time you hear someone criticizing someone else and you know them pretty well, pretend that they are in front of a mirror talking to themselves. More times than not the conversation can be made to make sense as if they were criticizing themselves. Or, the conversation is a reflection of how that person thinks of themselves. Self consciousness, fears, worries, etc., will tend to be a reflection of themselves of what they criticize or say about other people.

Why does this happen? It’s because what they say is their reality. That’s the way they think. That’s what they know. That’s what their sub conscious is used to seeing the world as. That’s how they are programmed to think.

BecomingĀ A Reality

Here’s another neat thing to notice: If the conversation that you’ve imagined the person having with themselves doesn’t make sense at the time, keep tabs of what happens to them in the future. If you remember their lashes of criticism, you may see those criticisms becoming a reality for that very person.

How does this happen? This will likely happen when the person continuously criticize about the same things. It’s because they “ingrain” themselves with the thoughts of what their critiquing. Those thoughts begin to get programmed in their subconscious. When that happens the person will live like those thoughts. They will begin to see the world in that particular way causing them to do things that coincide living that way. And sooner or later their criticisms becomes their own reality.

It may be difficult to understand, but don’t criticize it. Do your due diligence and learn about it.

This all relates to the book, and the movie they made after the book, “The Secret”. The subject is theĀ Law Of Attraction. I don’t need to explain any much more because if you want to know how it works, just read the book.

Again, don’t criticize what you don’t understand…understand me?

The Pissy Bishop

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